BGMI Jonathan Sensitivity Code 2021 – Jonathan Gyro Settings

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BGMI Jonathan Gyroscope Sensitivity 2021 – Full Complete Settings

While Looking into Pubg India or BGMI India, Everyone will remember Jonathan. Jonathan is a Young energetic player in the Indian BGMI Esport society, His massive gameplay took everyone to make love to him. He has used her own sensitivity gyro settings in BGMI. Jonathan is a pro, but there are still many famous Gamers inside the Indian esports community, for example, You can take, Mortal, Scout, Mavi, Viper, Pubg Madan.

Why Pubg Madan was on this list?

Pubg Madan is a famous Bgmi streaming gamer in the Tamil gaming community. Last month (June) PUBG Madan was arrested by Cops for violating the Indian IT act section 69A for streaming banned games illegally also some Reason for spreading Toxicity in the Tamil gaming community. It is not becoming a big matter, In-game, everyone should look at her gameplay, not personal activities. Okay let us go to the topic

Jonathan Gyroscope Sensitivity settings 2021

BGMI Jonathan Sensitivity Code 2021

This is the Jonathan New Control settings in battleground mobile India. You can copy the settings in the above image. Note Jonathan is a Gyroscope player, If you are a gyro player then it will effective.

Jonathan Camera Settings 2021:

Jonathan BGMI Camera SettingsPercentage
2x Scope24%
3x Scope14%
4x Scope12%
6x Scope8%
8x Scope10%
3rd Person No Scope120%
1st Person No Scope104%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist30%

BGMI Jonathan ADS Settings 2021

Jonathan BGMI ADS SettingsPercentage
2x Scope26% Percentage
3x Scope24% Percentage
4x Scope30% Percentage
6x Scope12% Percentage
8x Scope12% Percentage
3rd Person No Scope50% Percentage
1st Person No Scope51% Percentage
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist20% Percentage

BGMI Jonathan Gyroscope Settings 2021

Jonathan BGMI Gyroscope SettingsPercentage
2x Scope300% Percentage
3x Scope240% Percentage
4x Scope235% Percentage
6x Scope210% Percentage
8x Scope80% Percentage
3rd Person No Scope300% Percentage
1st Person No Scope100% Percentage
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist300% Percentage

By using these settings your gameplay will be improved. Use this setting in the Training ground and improve your aim, Recoil. Make sure your device is above 60FPS, if your device is above 60fps then your gameplay and rendering time and Ping will be controllable.

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